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The Softpak Scheduler continuously processes various tasks, but sometimes a restart is unavoidable. For example, because the Windows server needs to restart periodically, depending on your policy: daily or weekly. Another reason for a reboot is the installation of a Windows Security Patch. To...

by Sandy van der Wal 21/06/2024

from NCTS to DVA

by Sandy van der Wal 07/06/2024

T2L(F) requests for our customer HTS

T2L(F) requests for our customer...

by Sandy van der Wal 05/04/2024

New functionality H2 from WMS

New functionality H2 from WMS...

by Sandy van der Wal 29/03/2024
Douane auto

Transition to IDMS, AES, NCTS 5

During 2024, Belgian customs will replace the current PLDA and NCTS systems with new...

by Aniel Badri 22/03/2024
WMS aanbrengbericht

New I2-A functionality from WMS

With the introduction of DMS, there was a request to create an Application Notice directly from the...

by Sandy van der Wal 18/03/2024
M9 live

M9 logistics live with Softpak CDS

We are proud to share that our customer M9 logistics has gone live with Softpak...

by Sandy van der Wal 05/02/2024
Image of a Softpak Profin announcement

ProFin Update: Automatic Purchase Invoice Posting

With the new ProFin update, it is now possible to automatically post purchase invoices. This can be done through a Scheduler task, which is...

by Aniel Badri 29/01/2024
Image aanbrengbericht Softpak

Softpak as successor to the DEN scheme

The current DEN scheme will be abolished. If you want to remove a container from the terminal in the future and are currently making use of the...

by Aniel Badri 29/11/2023

Roadmap 2024

After the Summer Vacations, 2024, Organi and Softpak will jointly organize the event: "Customer Day 2024...

by Aniel Badri 22/11/2023