Illustratie Eglobalization Softpak
Illustratie Eglobalization Softpak

We are always looking for professionals with a passion for the logistics industry! If you are that software consultant, implementation consultant, front-end developer, back-end developer or system engineer that wants to help our customers innovate, you need to contact us!

Our customers are container terminals and depots, freight forwarders, warehouses and distribution centers, liner and liner agencies and customs service providers.

Please send your resume and motivation letter to:

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Software Project Manager

Are you our new Software Project Manager and will you contribute to the change of Softpak's IT Systems to a Web & App based environment?

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Progress Developer

We are looking for a Progress OpenEdge software developer with a strong affinity for the logistics sector! Softpak has been supplying software solutions to port-related companies for 45+ years, such as container terminals and depots, shipping companies, warehouses, forwarders and customs declaration offices.