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Whether you specialize in customs declarations, warehousing, transport or multimodal forwarding, Softpak’s software offers you a solution that contains all the necessary functionality. A total solution for and by the industry, where our experts ensure that your software remains in line with global technological developments. This allows us to promise you: all-in-one and always up-to-date!

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Customs Declaration System

Electronic exchange of import/export and transit declarations with the Dutch and Belgium Tax and Customs Administration. We also support various customs related processes, such as NVWA inspections. Excise documents, Certificate of Origin, Fiscal Files and Bonded Warehouse.

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Warehouse Management System

ProStore is a warehouse management system (WMS) developed for logistics service providers. The system is designed for the storage of refrigerated and frozen goods, metals, excise goods, hazardous substances, liquids, general cargo, bulk and breakbulk.

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Freight Forwarding System

ProFor is the freight forwarding solution for the forwarder. The system supports all common modalities, such as sea freight, air freight, road and train transport, lighter, groupage and multimodal routes.

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Liner & Liner Agency Systeem

ProLine is the complete system for shipping companies and shipbrokers. ProLine Liner & Liner Agency System supports shipping companies and ship brokers to carry out their activities more efficiently and productively. The system automates many tasks, allowing employees to focus on more valuable activities.

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Terminal Operating System

ProTerm is the solution for container terminals. Containers can arrive or depart via various modalities, by ship, train or truck. The system records all incoming and outgoing movements of the containers and makes this visible via real-time dashboards.

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Depot & Repair

ProTerm is the M&R solution for container depots. Empty containers can be collected via various modalities. The containers can be inspected for damage. If there is damage, followed by a repair process.

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Switch to LogonExpert

The Softpak Scheduler continuously processes various tasks, but sometimes a restart is unavoidable. For example, because the Windows server needs to...

by Sandy van der Wal 21/06/2024

from NCTS to DVA

Customs has announced that the start date of the new Customs Transport Application (DVA) system is scheduled for Tuesday, October 29, 2024. DVA...

by Sandy van der Wal 07/06/2024

T2L(F) requests for our customer HTS

Our customer Hüttges Transport-Service started using the T2L(F) XML template from Softpak this week. HTS makes the T2L(F) declaration in the CDS...

by Sandy van der Wal 05/04/2024