Web developer

Softpak optimizes all her software applications to a Web-based system. Besides that numerous apps will be developed.
If you are interested, please apply for a position with Softpak!

Job description

As a web developer you are involved directly with the optimization of our software to a more cloud based system and to develops apps. Together with the current 15 developers you can use a lot of self-initiative to develop the web front-end.  

You take part in building apps and Web-portals. You are well informed of the trends and developments in the IT world.

Pre requisites:

  • MBA level or at least similar practical experience
  • Able to translate IT knowledge to build creative and state of the art Web applications.
  • Experience with JavaScript-based MVC frameworks, like Angular.js
  • Experience with REST integration on backend systems
  • Knowledge of CSS, HTML, JavaScript and JQuery
  • Hands-on mentality
  • Team player
  • Knowledge of Telerik KendoUI/platform will be a benefit


Softpak is an innovative software company that develops and implements standard logistics software for port-related companies, such as container depots and terminals, warehousing and forwarding companies. A team of 35 employees supports our customers to keep the software up to date. The customers of Softpak are located in the main ports in Europe and the rest of the world.

Contact information:

joop.keislair@softpak.nl | softpak.nl