Softpak ProTerm Apps

Softpak has recently launched the Softpak Orders App and Softpak Depot App to support Container Terminals and Container Depots with their operational processes.

Softpak Orders App:

This app is designed for use in the reach stacker, forklift or container handling equipment (CHE). From the touchscreen the operator controls:

  • Trucks: deliver or collect containers
  • Vessels: quay jobs: load or discharge containers
  • Container: relocate
  • Container: reefer settings
  • Container: status and info inquiry

Softpak Depot App:

This app is designed for use on an industrial handheld. From the touchscreen the operator or estimator controls:

  • Container receipt
  • Inspection: damage yes/no
  • Estimate: full damage report
  • Repair: repair activities and update repair status
  • Container: status and info inquiry

Technical Requirements:

The apps run on both Android and iOS devices and only work with:

  • Softpak ProTerm Container Terminal (TOS)
  • Softpak ProTerm Container Depot & Repair (DP)

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