Organi and Softpak joining forces

December 21st 2022, Ridderkerk – Organi has, through its holding company, acquired the Dutch software company Softpak. With a total of almost 150 employees, a customer base of more than 500 companies and more than 13.000 users, the group becomes the largest autonomous IT player in the Benelux for the logistics landscape.

Softpak, an opportunity

Softpak offers integrated logistics solutions to port-related companies. Customers include container terminals, container depots, (customs) freight forwarders, warehouses, distribution centres and shipping companies, mainly located in Europe, but also outside. With 45 employees, Softpak is active in no less than 16 countries, including the Netherlands, Ireland, Great Britain and Norway.

Why the take-over of Softpak? This Dutch company is a nice addition to the service portfolio of Organi, which sees its opportunity to grow further. The companies have striking similarities: they were both founded in 1977 and develop software solutions for the logistics sector in its broadest form based on the same technology stack (including Progress and Angular).

All previous shareholders of Softpak will continue to work for the company, except Joop Keislair (CEO), who will leave after the transfer. The new director of Softpak will be Aniel Badri. Aniel has been working with Softpak software since 2009 and joined the company a few years later. He has been involved in the general coordination within the company for some time and now officially takes on the day-to-day management of Softpak, together with Kristof Poulain of Organi, who is responsible for the Benelux logistics organization.

Evolution Organi

Organi is an established value in the Belgium IT sector and wants to evolve further and further. This independent Belgium company focuses on improving and automating business processes through software and IT services. Organi’s clients are active in trade & industry, accountancy, logistics & customs and debt collector agencies. With a nice mix of experienced experts and youthful enthusiasts, 105 employees take care of more than 200 customers.

Organi’s OLS software provides a total operational and financial management solution for logistics service providers, forwarders, nations, customs agents and industrial shippers. OLS-Customs is the software solution that automates all processes related to customs formalities. These two packages fall under the logistics arm of Organi, which is led by Kristof Poulain.

Together a great future

Initially, the two sister companies will continue their activities independently. The activities of the employees and how they support their customers will remain unchanged. It is important that continuity and stability is guaranteed. In the future, the two companies will complement and reinforce each other to grow into a powerful group that optimally serves the market.

In the short term, there are many benefits that both parties can derive from this synergy. For example, Softpak’s customers can count on Organi’s IT services in hardware, cloud and managed IT services. Organi’s customers can immediately rely on Softpak’s expertise and applications regarding container terminals, container depots and liner agencies. In addition, knowledge and strengths will be combined in the field of web applications and mobile apps.

It is already a fact that this acquisition will expand the possibilities and opportunities of both companies and their customers!

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