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Packaging-3D-Proline-for-productpageProline – Liner & Liner Agency System
The Liner & Liner Agency System is a fully integrated operational and management software system for liner & liner agency companies.

The Softpak Liner System is totally integrated starting from the Quotation, the Booking, supplying all the required documentation, container control, invoicing all the agreed items and finally the Disbursement Account.
Besides that, numerous management reports are available to be able to keep track of the operation, which should lead to increased staff productivity and improved customer satisfaction.

The following modules are available:

I. Quotations

Quotations can be entered manually or through the use of the Tariff book. All the quotations can be saved, copied and can be used for the booking, which elimates the need to re-enter the data.
The quotations can be exported or imported to the Microsoft products (Excel or Word) for further analysis or to calculate certain price increases.

Freight quotations can be raised for all customers and prospective customers. These quotations can be based on either the full tariff or on special rates per customer.
The quotation can consist of a combination of Lumpsum tariffs and a tariff per TEU.
The quotations can be sent by E-Mail, fax or letter to the concerned prospects or customers.
There are numerous tables to store information regarding clients, ports, commodities and sailings.
You will be able to retrieve detailed information regarding the status of your quotations by using a variety of selection criteria. In conjunction with the Outward Cargo module, it is possible to report on cargo that has been shipped and under what conditions.

II. Outward Cargo

The information mentioned below can be obtained concerning the Outward Cargo the moment the vessel/shipper is booked until the final bill of lading.

The outward cargo module supports the following functionality:
– Booking confirmation
– Handling
– Bills of Lading
– Invoices
– Freight and commission statement
– Manifest corrections
– Letters to accompany Bills of Lading
– Statistics
– Booking lists
– Loading lists
– Cargo manifests
– Freight manifests
– Container load plans
– Special cargo reviews

III. Inward Cargo

With this module, all inward cargo can be recorded, which is mainly based on cargo manifests supplied by agents in the port of loading.

The following messages, documents and reviews can be produced:
– Notify letters
– Discharge lists
– Invoices
– Freight and commission statements
– General declarations
– Arrival notices
– Internal freight manifests
– Statistics

IV. Container Control

With this module, ship brokers and/or agents can trace containers within the limited ‘control area’ for which the ship broker and/or agents has responsibility. Containers assume the ‘active’ status the moment they enter the ‘control area’ and the ‘non active’ status the moment they leave the ‘control area’. Containers can enter the ‘control area’ by being loaded or by being discharged from a ship or by direct arrival or departure by another mode of transport.
The ‘container moves’ are processed according to a decision table, which is created by the user. This table controls which ‘container moves’ can be executed and supplies important information for a specific ‘container move’.

The module contains the following programs:
– Release of empty and full containers
– Integral discharging and loading of containers
– Information about containers in depot/on the move
– Daily depot reports
– ‘On hire/off hire’ reports
– Historical information
– Block moves
– Historical information
– Storage / Rent / Handling statistics
– Load and discharge reports
– Demurrage / Detention
– Daily movement reports
– EDI and EDIfact (sending and receiving)
– Integrated with Outward and Inward Cargo

V. Disbursement Account

All costs, for the account of the ship owner, can be collected per vessel in a sub administration. The invoices (including those in foreign currencies) and all costs and other revenues collected in the sub-administration by the Inward and Outward Cargo modules are automatically processed. Thereafter one can produce the actual account for the ship owner. Several programs within the module enable the production of disbursement accounts in the sequence specified by the ship owner. By using a pre-calculation, it is possible to produce a pro forma disbursement account, which enables it to compare the pre-calculation with the actual disbursement account.By recording the costs and revenues to be invoiced for each ship owner, it is possible to produce automatically disbursement accounts.



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