Freight Forwarding System

The Profor package of Softpak is completely integrated software application especially developed for Freight Forwarders.

General Information

The software starts with a quotation to the customer or prospect, hopefully followed by a booking, all the required documents and finally the invoice to the customer.
Besides the use of different transport modes functionality is available for consolidation purposes. Thereby a distinction is made between the actual bookings and the preparation of a Joint Cargo file.

For tracking & tracing functionality or the entry of bookings (E-Commerce), the Progress Webspeed product is being used.

Specific Functionality

  • When issuing a quotation, a standard quotation or an existing quotation can be copied or amended
  • Quotation data can be used when a quotation becomes a booking
  • The following transport modes are supported:
    – Seaport Import (as well with Joint Cargo functionality)
    – Seaport Export (Consolidation included)
    – Road Transport and Airfreight files
    – Dutch and Belgium Customs functionality
    – INTTRA module – The Shipping Industry’s E-Commerce Platform
  • Selection of the supported documents:
    – Booking confirmation to principal or customer
    – Trucking order and Arrival message
    – Customs documents
    – Transport documents and Bill of Lading
    – CMR and House B/L and Airway bill
  • Invoicing
    – Purchase and Sales tariffs
    – Contracts and tariffs
    – Invoicing of all the related costs
  • Extensive logging and security of the data
  • Management Information:
    – Various financial and operational reports per period/ customer/ supplier/ division/ file
    – Additional reporting via external reporting tools like Crystal Reports or QlikView
  • Integrated Accounting package or interface to external financial package
  • Interfaces with liner company systems, shippers etc (EDI or XML)


STL Logistics
VDH Company

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