Equipment Control Worldwide

Equipment Control Worldwide is used by shipping companies and general agents to trace containers, for which they are responsible, all over the world.

Containers will assume the ‘active’ status the moment they are hired or bought and the ‘Non-active’ status when they are off-hired or sold.

General Information

The container moves are processed according to a decision table, which is created by the user. This table controls which container moves can be executed and supplies important information for a specific container move.

The movements of a container can be traced throughout its entire lifetime. This module also offers the facility to record all lease contracts and to produce reviews for checking the periodic invoices, which are sent by lease companies.

Specific Functionality

  • Process leasing contracts
  • Process containers in sub-lease
  • Process repair details
  • Extended print and reporting possibilities
  • Record ‘pick-up/drop-off’ charges
  • Supply information about the number of free Containers at a certain location
  • Tracking & Tracing via Internet
  • Submitting moves by agents worldwide via Internet module (validated input)


Euro Nordic Logistics
Nirint Shipping
UAL Netherlands

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