Customs Declaration System

To exchange electronically export, import and Transit (NCTS) declarations with the Customs department.

General Information

The Customs declaration packages CDS of Softpak contains the following modules:

The New Computerised Transit System (NCTS) is a system developed for the EU member states to facilitate the movement of customs goods between the different states.

The NCTS module covers the following two situations:
– Outbound – Authorized Consignor (TA – Toegelaten Afzender)
– Arrival – Authorised Consignee (TG – Toegelaten Geadresseerde) 
2. AGS Import and Export
To send electronically the Import and Export Declarations to the Dutch Customs Department.
3. PLDA 
PaperLess Douane en Accijnzen (PLDA) to send electronically the Import and Export Declarations to the Belgium Customs Department. The module AC4 is as well available.
4. VWA
The RVV department (Governmental department for Meat) offers the possibility to exchange electronically the GDB document.
5. PD Import/Export
Softpak has developed the PD module to communicate electronically the “vooraanmeldingen” to the PD department (Plantenziektenkundige Dienst).
The module Client Export has recently be added to the CDS product.
EMCS is a computerised system for monitoring movements of excise goods under suspension of excise duty within the EU, i.e. for which no excise duties have yet been paid.
7. Fiscal Representative
– Administration fiscal files
– Register purchase invoices
– Link AGS Import
– CBS Intrastat file
– ICL/ICP listing
– VAT Declaration
8. Chamber of Commerce (KvK)
To receive the Certificate of Origin directly from the Chamber of Commerce. Certificates available are:
– Eur.1
– Legalisation
– Eur-med
– Certification.

Specific Functionality

  • Provides all customs documents
  • Customs code-tables can be updated automatically via the Internet
  • All required customs documents can be printed or E-mailed (PDF)
  • Communication scheduler for sending and receiving messages to the Customs Department via Digipoort, Crossroad Communications, Descartes or ISDN lines
  • Maritime Single Window (MSW) – with the introduction of MSW it became compulsory to report formalities for ships arriving and or departing via MSW to the Dutch Customs. Softpak has acquired a lot of new customers in The Netherlands and Belgium thanks to the introduction of MSW.

Our customers

Availabilty Customs Systems

Please go to the website of the Dutch Customs National Helpdesk to verify the availability of the customs systems:

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