Container Release Message (CVB)

From the end of 2021, The Dutch Customs is working with level 1 of what is referred to as the Container Release Message (Container Vrijgave Bericht or CVB). Your import declaration is not accepted until after the arrival of the goods in a Dutch port. In addition, your import declaration must correspond to an earlier declaration for temporary storage. The foregoing does not only apply to goods in containers but it applies to all of the cargo coming by sea.

What does level 1 of the Container Release Message (CVB) mean for me?

After 4 October 2021, we do not accept your import declaration until:

  • after the arrival of the goods
    This means after the arrival of the ship in a Dutch port.
  • your import declaration corresponds to the declaration as submitted earlier for temporary storage

Once your goods have arrived, the following is done:

  1. We check whether you are not filing the declaration too early.
  2. We check the data on the declaration against the data for temporary storage, which is done by checking the number of packages, or the weight and the B/L number against the data on the Declaration for Temporary Storage (Aangifte voor Tijdelijke Opslag or ATO). Are the data different?
    • You will get an error message.
    • Your declaration is not accepted.
    • You must file the declaration again and in which you rectify the error.
  3. We accept your declaration.
  4. We make a risk selection and we may do a customs check.
  5. We release the goods.
  6. You can collect the goods from the terminal.

Via the service CargoController of Portbase you can find out  if the concerned B/L number of the ATA Vessel is known by Customs and you can send in the next declaration.

Softpak has developed an interface with the Cargocontroller service of Portbase.  In the AGS Import declaration you can send a primary declaration for the concerned container in the Portbase system. When the ATA Vessel is known within the Portbase system, a signal will be given. The signal will activate that a declaration will be sent to the Customs automatically.

A number of Softpak customers have implemented the Container Release Message (CVB) successfully.

For information, please contact Softpak.

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