Container Depot & Repair

The Container Depot & Repair package (Proterm) is handling all logistic and administrative activities on a container depot or container terminal.

General Information

The Depot & Repair software has been developed with the intention to offer a software package to our clients, which makes it possible for them to streamline their operations and be able to get a higher productivity out of the land, equipment and workforce.

The Depot & Repair package addresses all aspects of the life cycle as it moves through a depot. The cycle starts with a pre-advice that a container is to arrive at the yard. When the unit arrives at the gate, a gross damage check is carried out and details are entered into the system. The unit is then moved into the yard and its location and all subsequent services (including M&R) performed on the Box are recorded. These service events can be used to trigger invoicing in the billing system. Users can view, update and track boxes, chassis and accessories and their history. By entering the unit number, the user can check its current status and the services it has received. Other information is available in various reports, such as containers requiring repair or repair authorisation.

When the container is ready for release, a release order is created. This can be prepared by the container owner or by the depot on the owner’s instruction. When the truck arrives to pick up the unit, the details are validated, the box inspected and the EIR created. All this is recorded in the system.

Besides the Depot & Repair software a package has been developed for companies involved in the Sales & Rental of new and used containers, and for container terminals.

Specific Functionality

RF Radio Frequency
Most processes by the gate or on the yard, can be handled by Radio Frequency or GPRS terminals, which have real time access to the central application. Examples are the gate handlings including damage check and the Repair Estimates.
Numerous EDI messages have been developed during the past years. For instance the EDIfact messages WESTIM, DESTIM, CODECO, GATEIN, GATOUT, EDI Invoice, COPARN, COREOR etc are available.These messages have been exchanged (send and received) with nearly all of the Liner Companies, i.e. , Maersk, APL, Cross Ocean, OOCL, Hanjin, CMA/CGM, UASC, Evergreen, OPDR, Hapag Lloyd, K-Line, China Shipping, Cosco, etc.
With the leasing companies messages have been exchanged with GESEACO, TEXtainer, Trans-America, Gateway, Caru and Dong Fang.
Communication Scheduler
A scheduler has been developed to handle all the communication with external parties. The messages can be sent at regular (pre-defined) intervals or received with the Sterling Commerce, Depot Exchange (idex24) or via FTP or E-mail.
Tracking or Tracing of the containers via an interactive Web-Site. Besides the status information, there are options to enter bookings via the Internet.
Management Information
Flexible management information is standard available in the application. Via the standard reporting tool “Crystal Reports” the user can define extra reports or exchange data with the Microsoft products (Excel and Word).
QlikView can be used for Business Intelligence.
All the output can be printed or sent as a PDF file (E-mail attachment) to external parties. The PDF format can be very useful by sending Invoices via the PDF files.


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