New Declaration System AGS Import – Starting


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The implementation of the new Declaration System AGS 2 Import for all customs companies is now starting. In the newsletter from the Dutch Customs – March 2014 you can find more information.

The planning is that up till the end of April ’14 customs companies can apply themselves for a migration. During May & June – in accordance with the software suppliers – the other customs companies will be migrated according to a planning made by the Dutch Customs. In the month of June ’14  a last migration period will be used for the left overs.

Softpak believes that the planning is quite optimistic, whereby part of the migration takes place during the holiday period.

For more news of AGS 2 – Newsletter Aangiftesysteem AGS – Maart 2014: Overgangsfase AGS


1st Import declaration AGS successfully sent


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Thermotraffic Venlo has sent the 1st Import declaration successfully via the new Customs Declaration System AGS (AanGifte Systeem).

Despite the delay with the introduction of the new Customs Systems in The Netherlands, the 1st declaration went reasonably smoothly.

At this point in time 7 companies switched over from the old Sagitta Import system to the new Declaration System AGS. Thermotraffic in Rotterdam will send the 1st declaration this Friday (13/12/13) to the Customs.

This year no other companies are making the switch to the new system. In January ’14 a few other companies will follow.

From the 1st of February up till the 30th of April the remaining companies who are using Sagitta Import have to be migrated to the new system. This will be a major operation.

The customers of Softpak will be informed via mailings regarding the migration project.

AGS2 – New Customs System Import Declarations – Update II


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Sagitta Import will be migrated to the new AanGifteSysteem (AGS2 – Declaration System) of the Dutch Customs.

Officially The Dutch Customs has initiated the 2nd phase of the migration the 7th of October ’13.

On the 7th of October the existing users of AGS1 (Storage declarations) have been migrated to the new Customs system. All the users of AGS1 were customers of Softpak bv.

For the migration of the import declarations The Dutch Customs has introduced a pre-phase, whereby a limited number of customer can switch to the new AGS2 system. The pre-phase has been extended until the 1st of February ’14.

At this point of time only 1 Customs Broker is allowed to send import declarations via the new AGS2 system to The Dutch Customs. In the coming weeks another Customs Broker is going to use the new system with primarily declarations from Schiphol Airport.

Softpak expects to connect its first customer to AGS2 the beginning of December ‘13.  Up till the end of the pre-phase another 2 customers of Softpak will be migrated.

The pre-phase will be closed by the end of January ’14.  The Dutch Customs is planning to migrate the remaining users of Sagitta Import, during the period 1st of February ’14 up till the 30th of April ’14.

If there is more news regarding the migration of the 1st Softpak customer to AGS2 a news update will be published.

AGS 2 Import – Status update


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AGS 2 – Import – Status Update:

The testing of the new Customs System AGS, as a replacement for Sagitta Import, is a slow process until now with lots of unexpected issues.

In general sending standard import declarations to Customs will be handled correctly by the test system. However more complex declarations or sending additional information has to be tested in much greater detail.

In a meeting with the The Dutch Customs, the Fenex (Netherlands Association of Forwarding & Logistics Companies), the EVO (Association of Transport & Logistics Companies) and ADS (Alliance of Software companies developing Customs applications), The Dutch Customs confirmed that the starting date of October 6  2013 will not be delayed.

Only the number of companies participating in the start-up phase (pre-phase) will be limited to 10 companies.

More information can be found in the Dutch part of the Softpak website.

AGS (customs declaration system) Film


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The AGS (declaration system) film shows how the AGS works for import declarations. AGS will be available for import declarations in October. Be sure to join AGS this year.

See also information provided at AGS meeting (Dutch only).

AGS (declaration system) is replacing in stages the software systems used to file electronic declarations.

Watch the film and find out how AGS will affect your import declarations (Dutch only).