AGS Import Declarations – Implementation Update – May ’14

Since October ’13 the Dutch Customs authorities are busy migrating the Customs Declaration companies to switch from Sagitta Import system to the new AGS (AanGifteSysteem) Import system.

At this moment the pre-phase of AGS is valid, whereby companies can switch to the new AGS system on a voluntary basis.

In the pre-phase declarations can be handled by as well the new AGS system as the old Sagitta Import system.

In a meeting with the Customs, branche organisations and software providers it has been agreed that the pre-phase will be extended for an undefined period. Main reason is that the new tariff information website is not stable and that not all functionality is yet available.

Softpak is steadily migrating its customers to the new AGS system and at this point in time 25 Customs declaration companies are using AGS with the Softpak CDS module.

For more info please contact Softpak.