AGS Export Update

The implementation of AGS Export is in full progress. The Customs department has not published a final implementation planning, but Softpak believes that the next phase will commence during the 2nd half of August ’16.

The Dutch Customs Department has divided the implementation of AGS Export in a number of phases. Phase 1 has been successfully finalized. A few outstanding issues will be solved beginning July ’16.

In Phase 2 a limited number of Customs Declaration companies can start using AGS Export on a voluntary basis.

In Phase 3 the medium sized Customs Declaration companies can start using AGS Export. These are companies who handle about 50 Export declarations a month. The time period is from the middle of August up to the beginning of October.

During Phase 4 the 20 biggest Customs Declaration Companies will be migrated to AGS Export. This will be done in October ’16.

In the last Phase 5 the remaining declaration companies will be migrated to AGS Export. Time period is between beginning November and the middle of December ’16.

Before the end of the year all Export declaration companies should have been migrated.

The Dutch Customs Declaration Companies should have sent a mail to inform the companies in which phase they will be migrated.

Please inform Softpak in which phase you will be migrated.

If there are any questions, please let us know.


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