AGS Export (3)

AGS Import has been taken in full production since 23 of April ’15. Sagitta Import has been faced out definitely.

The next step will be the development and implementation of AGS Export (AGS 3) instead of Sagitta Import.

The preliminary planning of the Dutch Customs Authorities is as follows:

The specifications of AGS 3 (MIG – Message Implementation Guide) maybe published at any time now.

These specifications are a must for the software developers to develop the interface with the new AGS 3 system.

The release schedule of the Dutch Customs will be issued shortly including the date that AGS 3 will become available.

AGS 3 will not only consist of new functionality for AGS 3, but as well for the existing AGS 2 application. AGS is only 1 system.

In the coming month talks with the Dutch Tax Authorities will be held to discuss the test facilities for AGS Export and the implementation thereof.

Maybe that before the end of this year the first customers can be migrated to AGS Export. However the majority of the customers will be switched over in 2016.


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