1st Import declaration AGS successfully sent

Thermotraffic Venlo has sent the 1st Import declaration successfully via the new Customs Declaration System AGS (AanGifte Systeem).

Despite the delay with the introduction of the new Customs Systems in The Netherlands, the 1st declaration went reasonably smoothly.

At this point in time 7 companies switched over from the old Sagitta Import system to the new Declaration System AGS. Thermotraffic in Rotterdam will send the 1st declaration this Friday (13/12/13) to the Customs.

This year no other companies are making the switch to the new system. In January ’14 a few other companies will follow.

From the 1st of February up till the 30th of April the remaining companies who are using Sagitta Import have to be migrated to the new system. This will be a major operation.

The customers of Softpak will be informed via mailings regarding the migration project.