Liner software – new customers

During the last years several new liner companies decided to use the Softpak Liner software for the management of their operation i.e.:

AA Shipping – started end 2021 a liner business between Israel (Ashdod) via India to China (Qingdo). Since then they have added multiple destinations. More than 30 employees are working with the Softpak Proline software including container control and a webportal.

Arctic Container line is operating since beginning 2022 a liner business from Norway (Bergen) to Rotterdam and Hamburg. Their business is expanding rapidly.

Viasea – started as a liner service from Moss – Norway to Moerdijk – The Netherlands. Lately they have expanded the schedule to Spain (Bilbao), England & Poland. In the meantime more than 25 employees are using the Proline liner software to help them with a smooth operation.

More and more liner companies are seeing the benefits of using the integrated liner software of Softpak. The implementation time can be quit short and within 1 or 2 month the software can be up & running.

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