Business partners

blurTo be able to render a total service concept, Softpak has partnerships with the following parties:

Progress business partner for the development environment

Softpak is using the Progress 4 GL environment to build its software products. Progress is an American based company which offer a flexible, reliable, and integrated business application platform available. The Progress software helps to develop, deploy, integrate, and manage business solutions more efficiently.

INTTRA Alliance

INTTRA logo_new homepage
Softpak and INTTRA have signed an agreement for an Alliance. The alliance will facilitate the transfer of data between the Profor forwarding package and the INTTRA system.



Softpak has been awarded the status of Certified Preferred Supplier by Portbase because she actually supports the live exchange of ECS messages.

CIFAS | Scan Sys

Scansys -image capture –  www.


CaptureTech – Radio Frequency and GPRS equipment
The installation and maintenance of the mobile computers (handhelds and truck terminals) is being handled by CaptureTech located in Nieuw Vennep.


7T is producing and selling software for the logistic activities of Ships Chandlers. For the customs declarations the customers of 7T are making use of the Softpak CDS system. The data of both systems have been interfaced so that no double input is necessary.


Topserv IT maintenance partners

The maintenance of the hardware is carried out by one of the above mentioned hardware server providers.

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